How to Request Funding from the Sister Elise Grant Fund

Grant requests may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Evaluation and processing of each request requires a minimum of 30 business days.

Annual Grant Amount Parameters

A. Nonprofit Organization: 

  • The total amount that a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati may request for a Sister Elise Grant is based on the annual operating expenses of the nonprofit.


B. Sister of Charity of Cincinnati:
      • A Sister involved with multiple organizations may not exceed requests totaling $3,000 annually. (*Annual is defined by the fiscal year of SC Ministry Foundation: July 1 to June 30.)
      • If eligible, a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati may participate in one or more requests for the Sister Elise Grant.


Application Process

Sister Elise Grant Application Process


1. The Sister of Charity of Cincinnati reviews the Sister Elise Grant Guidelines on the SC Ministry Foundation website.

2. Through dialogue between the Sister and the CEO of the nonprofit organization, the need for funding is identified and the potential amount for the request is discussed, based on the organization’s annual operating expenses and the cost of the need.

3. The Sister of Charity of Cincinnati determines the amount for the grant request, taking into consideration any additional grant requests she may have for other nonprofit organizations.

4. The Sister of Charity of Cincinnati completes Part 1 of the application.

The following options are available for the download and completion of the Sister Elise Grant application:

Please note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader, available through a free download here.


5. The nonprofit CEO completes Part 2 of the application, and submits the completed form, along with the organization’s IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter, to:

SC Ministry Foundation
Attn: Diane Geiser
5900 Delhi Road
Mount St. Joseph, OH  45051




Upon conclusion of the grant, the nonprofit organization is required to submit a brief written report to describe the results of the funded project and the usage of the funds.



Please contact SC Ministry Foundation at 513-347-1122 for any questions regarding the Sister Elise Grant Fund.