The Sister Elise Grant

Small grants requested by a Sister of Charity who is actively involved in the nonprofit organization as a board or committee member, staff member or regular volunteer, and has been in her role for at least six months. Awards up to $3,000 per Sister per year: eligible amount is based on the size of the nonprofit organization. May be awarded for program support, minor equipment and technology, or other needs.

S. Elise HolleranSister Elise Holleran, SC

The grant was named in honor of Sister Elise Holleran, SC, who served as treasurer for the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati from 1944 to 1965. Sister Elise was widely known for her financial acumen and stewardship of investments, as well as her strong faith, kindness, perseverance, care for those in poverty, and her support of Catholic education.



The organization must:

  • Be a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization (The Foundation is not legally permitted to fund individuals.)
  • Demonstrate prudent and fiscally responsible governance and management
  • Verify that the grant request is consistent with the mission of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati and the operational and strategic goals of the nonprofit organization

Nonprofit organizations with a current grant through SC Ministry Foundation may also request funding through the Sister Elise Grant Fund.



All SC Ministry Foundation funding limitations apply to the Sister Elise Grant Fund.

In addition, funding from the Sister Elise Grant may not be requested for:

• capacity building,
• event sponsorships,
• core programs, or
• sustainable new or expanded programs,

since there are other funding channels available for these needs through SC Ministry Foundation.


You Need to Know:

If awarded to the nonprofit organization, grant funds must be used for the specific request identified in the Sister Elise Grant Fund application.

The authority and accountability for all requests to the Sister Elise Grant Fund rests with the nonprofit’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Undue influence may not be exerted in the use of funds, either by the Sister of Charity of Cincinnati or the CEO of the nonprofit.

Supplies or minor equipment funded through the request become the property of the nonprofit organization.

The Sister Elise Grant may not be used to fund a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati’s salary or benefits.

Due to our fiduciary and stewardship responsibility, SC Ministry Foundation reserves the right to approve or decline all requests.

Any grant dollars awarded through this fund will be included in the total dollars awarded to an organization.


Requests for the Sister Elise Grant Fund

Requests for the Sister Elise Grant may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Evaluation and processing of each request requires a minimum of 30 business days.

How to Request Funding from the Sister Elise Grant Fund