Funding Priorities

Priority consideration for funding is given to the following organizations:

1. First Priority

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati Congregation

2. Second Priority

The five nonprofit organizations whose sole sponsor is the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati for their sustainability and impact

3. Third Priority

Nonprofit organizations where Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati serve as staff, board or committee members, or as volunteers

4. Fourth Priority

Nonprofit organizations with national, regional, or local efforts addressing areas of concern to the Sisters of Charity.


The foundation considers grant requests from organizations demonstrating good stewardship, measurable outcomes and impact in areas of particular concern including education, healthcare, social services and empowerment of women in today’s world. Examples of issues recently supported by grants include:

  • Revitalization of Price Hill, Cincinnati
  • Care for Creation
  • Immigration Reform
  • Abolishment of the Death Penalty
  • Abolishment of Human Trafficking