Funding Eligibility Survey

The online Funding Eligibility Survey is the first required step in the SC Ministry Foundation responsive grant process. This step replaces the former process of a phone interview with Foundation staff. 

The online survey will be available beginning Wednesday, January 16. Completed survey forms must be received by SC Ministry Foundation before 4:00 pm ET on Friday, February 1.

To assist in your preparation, sample survey questions are provided below.

Eligibility Questions

  • Is your organization a tax-exempt public charity as described in IRS code section 501(c)3?
  • Is your proposal for capital improvements or debt reduction?
  • Is your proposal for a fundraising event or any gambling-related activities?

Organization Questions

  • Organization information, including:
    • Year established
    • Mission of organization
  • Does your organization benefit from the services of a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati who serves on your staff, board, or as a regular volunteer?
    • If yes, please name the Sister(s) currently involved and type of involvement
  • Select the focus area to which your proposal relates (check all that apply):
    • Promote social justice through advocacy
    • Serve the poor and underserved
    • Promote healthy communities

Reason for Funding Request

  • For which purpose would the requested funds be utilized:
    • Supporting an existing core program
    • Planning for a new or expanded program*
    • Launching a new/pilot program*
      *Requests for new programs or program expansion must have a business plan.
  • Provide the proposed start date
  • Provide the proposed grant completion date
  • Annual organization budget
  • Total estimated cost of the program during this grant term
  • Amount requesting from SC Ministry Foundation
  • Year of most recent grant from SC Ministry Foundation (if applicable)
  • Name of the program for which funds are being applied
  • Briefly state the need or opportunity the program will address.
  • Briefly state what you propose to do to address the need or opportunity.
  • Briefly state the outcomes you hope to achieve with the proposed grant funding.
  • In general terms, list the other types of funding that support this program.