Principles of Transparency

Principles of Transparency for Legal Compliance and Public Disclosure

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Ohio is the sole corporate Member of the SC Ministry Foundation. The relationship of the SC Ministry Foundation to the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Ohio is defined by the Code of Regulations, as well as reserved powers held by the Member represented by the Leadership Council of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Ohio.

  1. SC Ministry Foundation complies with all applicable federal laws and regulations, as well as applicable laws and regulations of the State of Ohio and Hamilton County in which it is based and operates.
  2. SC Ministry Foundation is committed to the values, ethical conduct and mission of the Sisters of Charity. Our employees are employees of the Sisters of Charity and follow their human resource policies and procedures, as well as their handbook.
  3. SC Ministry Foundation has adopted and implemented policies and procedures to ensure that all conflicts of interest, or the appearance thereof, within the organization, the staff and the board are appropriately managed through disclosure, recusal, or other means.