Bold Goals for the Greater Cincinnati Region

SC Ministry Foundation endorses the Bold Goals for the Greater Cincinnati region. By endorsing these Bold Goals, SC Ministry Foundation commits to actively working toward the Bold Goals’ attainment, review, and strategy refinement based on best practices.

There are six Bold Goals that fall into the areas of the income, education, and health outcomes for our region.Income
•    90% will be gainfully employedEducation
•    85% of children will be ready for kindergarten
•    85% will graduate ready for life
•    45% will obtain an associate’s degree or higherHealth
•    70% will be in excellent/very good health
•    95% will have a usual place for medical care

SC Ministry Foundation endorses the Bold Goals along with numerous other organizations.


Click here
for a link to United Way’s website, where the  video and  more information on the Bold Goals, can be found.

While these goals do not represent the totality of the SC Ministry Foundation’s mission, collectively they are fundamental to improving lives and creating lasting change which supports the Foundation’s purpose statement: To promote “collaborative initiatives for the building up of healthy communities”