Strategic DirectionStrategic Graphic_2014-18

The Strategic Direction for SC Ministry Foundation reflects its mission, vision and guiding principles, focusing on the five areas shown.

Nurturing Active Engagement of the Members of the Sisters of Charity

Through priority funding to nonprofit organizations with active Sisters of Charity involvement, and the creation of a new, flexible funding channel for Sisters; through strengthened communication with Sisters and collaboration with SC congregational offices.

Focused Leadership and Influence

Through collaborative initiatives that leverage impact and through fundingĀ in support of the issues addressed in the Sisters of Charity public statements related to Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Care for the Earth, Abolishing the Death Penalty and Abolishing Human Trafficking.

Continued Comprehensive Focus on Price Hill Revitalization

With patient funding and through leadership, influence, and active involvement, the Foundation partners with Price Hill Catholic schools, strengthens early childhood education, and gives priority
to comprehensive community development.

Support of Sisters of Charity Sponsored Ministries

Through game-changing or capacity building grants that strengthen the mission and financial independence of the sponsored ministries,and in partnering in the start-up of DePaul Cristo Rey High School.

Stewardship of SC Ministry Foundation in Perpetuity

Through governance of the grant-making process and maintaining the board and management responsibilities to uphold the investment and spending policy; through communication of limitations related to all grant-making channels and maintaining the expectation that all grantees and potential grantees share our stewardship responsibility.