Now Accepting Funding Requests

The Spring 2019 grant cycle is currently accepting requests for funding that would begin in July 2019. Once you have reviewed the funding guidelines on our website, please complete the Funding Eligibility Survey for consideration of your funding request. This survey is a required step in the funding request process. Please note that the survey begins with a series of qualifying questions that are designed to end before completion if a response determines that your organization is not eligible for funding. After completion of the qualifying questions, a link will be provided to download a form for you to complete and submit your request. 

Completed survey forms must be received by SC Ministry Foundation before 4 p.m. ET on Friday, February 1, 2019. 

Note: This will be the only grant cycle offered in calendar 2019.

Our Mission

SC Ministry Foundation is a public grant-making organization that promotes the mission and ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.

Urged by the love of Christ, and in the Spirit of our founder, Elizabeth Ann Seton,
we Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati strive to live Gospel values.

We choose to act justly, to build loving relationships,
to share our resources with those in need, and to care for all creation.

Our Purpose

Through grant making, SC Ministry Foundation:

  • Provides financial support to organizations identified with the Sisters of Charity in need of support for viability and growth
  • Furthers social justice by addressing the root causes of poverty, racism and oppression
  • Supports services and programs that will positively impact persons living in poverty and those underserved
  • Promotes collaborative initiatives for the building up of healthy communities

Since its formation in 1996, the foundation has awarded grants in support of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati congregation, its sponsored ministries, and other nonprofit organizations where Sisters are actively involved. In addition, the foundation makes grants to other unrelated nonprofits working to address issues of concern to the Sisters of Charity.